Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Does it help to put “international” in the title of a journal?

A journal does not become such by being called “International journal of X”!

Both European Science Foundation and UK's Arts and Humanities Research Council define a journal as being international when it fits in either Category A or B below.

1) A journal is international (Categories A and B) when the following requirements are fulfilled in addition to those that apply to all journals:

• A genuine, varied and regular international cohort of contributors and readership
• Consistently high-quality scholarly content
• Broad consensus within the field concerning international status and visibility.

2) In addition, they will have some, though not necessarily all, of the following characteristics:

• Active international advisory board
• Open to unsolicited contributions
• Highly discriminating and selective in the choice of articles published
• Published on time and to an agreed schedule

The difference between category ‘A’ and category ‘B’ journals is likely to be the degree to which they conform to 1) above, and both the number of characteristics under 2) to which they conform as well as the degree of conformity. Generally, ‘A’ journals should conform to more of these characteristics, and to a greater extent, than ‘B’ journals.


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