Friday, May 23, 2008

How international a publisher are you?

Liam Gallimore-Wells sent me the following set of questions and I wish to share my replies with you.

> What are the main qualities / motivations that makes Intellect’s international approach to publishing stand out from other competitors in the market place?

We are an academic publisher of original ideas related to popular culture. The issues we deal with as well as the academic world are international by nature. I doubt if any of our competitors could survive without being open to ideas from other countries. We for sure cannot see any way of doing without it!

> What would be the potential impact on your business without an openness to ideas/ energy / opinions from other countries?

We would not be able to survive as a publisher both economically as well as intellectually.

> What makes being based in Britain special / unique for the purposes of running a successful independent publishing house?

Britain is special as it has a long tradition of tolerance and a long history of international connectedness via the empire and the commonwealth. These connections make it more possible for a publisher of original thinking like us to prosper.

> Are there any drawbacks in terms of attracting / securing new readerships by being a publisher that’s open to printing diverse cross representations of authors’ ideas / thinking? If so, how can these drawbacks be turned into positives?

The main drawback is in marketing terms. If what you publish is new ideas then it is difficult to persuade people to pay for them when there are limited resources at the disposal of academics. Ideally we would like it to be possible to make our books free in order that finance is not a barrier for the dissemination of new ideas. Already in journal publishing the "Open Access" movement is making this idea a possibility by charging the publishing costs to the authors instead of the readers.

> As founder of Intellect, how has your own personal and professional path/journey complimented or informed your culturally inclusive approach to business?

I was born in Iran some fifty years ago, my family migrated to the UK some 30 years ago. It is inevitable that having been welcomed by the culture of British tolerance and inclusivety I would also reflect these qualities in my dealings with others.


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